email hacked

hi weevils,

our email has recently been hacked so we have changed it to

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we have to move

hi weevils,

as you know hf556 has control of the site and he has been hacked so to stop this site being deleted we will have to move to a site that I will soon make called it will be made by tommorow. For further notice please comment your email below

Many Thanks,

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hi weevils,

a person recently told me that there was a party happening and said to tell people about it:

day: 2nd
Place:Tycoon Island

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Authors wake up! This site is not being posted on enough, so authors, please post a bit more please!


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BEST NEST Issue #29 OUT NOW! Plus A Look At The Nest Inspector Easter Poster!

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Create Your Own Secret Garden!

You can find all these items and more in the Shopping Mall!  Check out the Easter Shop and don’t forget to pop in to Bin Mart and Nestco to see what they’ve got in stock for spring!

PS. If you’d like a REAL Bin Weevils chocolate egg for your basket, you can pick one up now in the Bin Weevils Online Shop

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hi weevils,

we’ve recently been hacked and our pages have been deleted and I think someone has hacked hf so here’s a message to hf556, could you please transfer the blog to me because too many admins are dangerous so can you transfer it to me so I can make you editor

Many Thanks,


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Hey Guys, yoshi here!

This site has NOT moved. We are still posting. We just need to get hold of Wengie2 to see whats going on with him. I will post every Saterday, please don’t panic WE HAVEN’T moved!!


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We’ve Moved!

Why hello weevils! I am hf556, the co-owner. I would just like to say, that this site is like ‘dead’ now. No authors post, or anything like that. It is my hardest decision, to say that we are moving. The new site we are moving to is updated daily, and everything like that. The new site is called……………….. Weevil Checkers! Here is the link:


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ghosttrainride is going on holiday tomorrow

i am going on holiday tomorrow so please do not post too many comments on my site if you are reading this on another site please do not post too many comments on my pages or posts i do not like replying and approving and checking too many comments 

thank you

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